Thursday, November 17, 2011

To the guys who are not dummies, please stand up.

Excuse the lack of posts; I have been hard at work with my Nano story - a memoir of my waitressing and other recent Melbourne-ly adventures. The widgets in my last post are still there, so that you can track my progress.

I'm also plowing through Muse's discography, with favourite tracks so far being Starlight, Plug In Baby, Uno, Escape, Overdue, Apocalyse Please, New Born, Map of the Problematique, Blackout, Bliss, Time is Running Out, Hysteria, Sunburn.... wow.

I just wanted to take a quick break for a rant. Regular readers know that my thoughts and my musings here at Crazy Catastrophes are in their fairly blunt, but brutally honest form. And I thank you for sticking with me here.

But guys can be arseholes. And I spelt that with an 'r' because I felt like it.

Honestly though, feel free to step forward and prove me wrong. Guys are either too stuck in their games, or chasing short skirts, or too far up their own rear ends to see that there are those of us genuinely nice girls who think too badly of themselves. Are there guys trying to reassure them? Nope.

And they wonder why girls turn bitchy or turn to another sex as a second option.

I hope you enjoy your week - I'll be in Sydney this weekend for a cousin's wedding!

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