Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mildura weekend...

After the earthquake and the possibility of a tsunami in Thailand, I needed a weekend with my family up north. The weekend involved a couple of flights, and I chose to surprise a few people with my visit. Being able to make somebody's day like that was something that I think was necessary as I know people had been worried about me overseas.

But I'm fine. And alive. Still got legs.

I managed to hand in some uni assignments before I flew up, so it wasn't like I just dropped things, and this to me is such a relief.

While Easter was not something hugely celebrated in Thailand like it is Australia and other parts of the world, my share of chocolate was saved by my family. I have enough to ward off the dementors of my life for a couple of weeks, at the very least. In moderation.

And there's a possibility of escorting my sister to Ed Sheeran's tour later this year.
As well as going to COLDPLAY. It's something that my friend Mel and I have talked about for four years now (since high school) and they'll be in Australia sometime later this year. YES.

I've also realised that I seem to have a slight obsession with perfumes lately. I managed to obtain a couple overseas, and I've also taken a bit more interest in certain perfumes. Chanel Chance is always going to be a favourite, and a close second is Dolce and Gabbana's The One. I think Britney Spears' are the ones to surprise me; I've just purchased the Greatest Hits set. Taylor Swift's new fragrance Wonderstruck is something I've also been surprised with, it's a balanced, modest fragrance that screams with the inner beauty that one associates with the vocalist.

I think I can smell the tacos...

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