Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some big steps.

So I bought my own pair of ice skates. Unfortunately the rentals, while convenient to use until now, are not safe for learning how to ice skate properly. While the skates were expensive in this part of the world, I judged it was better to pay for skates now, rather than an injury later.

I also couldn't help but be frustrated on my first lesson, when the unpredictability of the rentals failed me and I couldn't perform the exercises properly.

I was well looked after by the place I visited; I was measured, fitted and sharpened within a decent amount of time. I couldn't help the excitement on my face as I left the store with my new skates, ready to try them out.

Putting them on and gliding along the's a bit difficult to explain, so I'll do my best.

Getting proper skates of my own was ultimately pricey, but worth it. I love being able to have my own things, and the joy of new equipment is something I've barely experienced (having never really done a sport like this before). I was told my skating would improve when I started using the skates - and it really did, as I noticed when I practised my turns. 

This new equipment had strengthened my purpose and motivated me in a new way to keep on skating. Isn't that strange? That we need physical reminders to soldier on and persevere through this thing we call life?

It was, perhaps, the joy of exercise as well. I was ecstatic as I tried manoeuvres I'd learned (nothing fancy yet) with this new set of equipment, and I knew I'd been right to keep up the skating. Even if I can't continue lessons, I know I'd keep them for recreational purposes. Perhaps I'll bring them to the States in November? Practice my skating there? That'll be a story to tell.

University's getting interesting and the study tour in particular is also quite anticipating as I wait for the calendar pages to flip by; impatient but ready. I've also got a ticket to the Muse gig in December; General Area Standing. It makes me think how I'll almost be full circle, what with Coldplay Area Standing B last year. It's turning out to be a cracker of a year, after the last one was such an emotional downturn for me. I've achieved so much in such a short amount of time; which is almost unnoticed by the amount that I still want to do.

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