Monday, October 21, 2013

This fire, we let it all burn.

University's finished for the year! I've been getting marks back lately and feeling very satisfied with them. Classes felt more fun and alive despite comparison to my previous semester abroad; I returned this time around wanting to knuckle down and learn, and I loved what I found. Speaking of which, this is a product of some group work I was involved in. We pretended we were a travel company in different parts of the world and just had fun with it.

Something that I seem to have taken to lately is the phrase 'joie de vivre', which is roughly translated to 'joy of living', or 'joy of everything', depending on who you are and who you ask. I've realised that this seems to be my exact way of approaching and looking at everyday life. The small and quirky details are the ones that jump out at me and I've found that I've had a more positive attitude to looking at problems. There's a beauty in everything; though I've found that sometimes it can be quite exhausting, at least I can sleep well at night!

I can't help it, I've fallen in love with the world. that I've stopping thinking everybody's out to get me.

My university life isn't quite over; I've gotten into full swing in preparations for my study tour abroad next month. I'm looking forward to ice skating in the States so badly, I'm so glad that I actually took lessons since I returned. I've started moving forward with my life and getting to know my own city so much better; but I'm so looking forward to being a tourist again and experiencing the crazy chaos that comes with it. I don't think I'll ever stay put for long, no matter what I choose to decide to do with my life.

My skating lessons have gotten really interesting now that I've mastered the mere basics; now I'm doing crazy things like crossovers and one foot gliding on outside edges.

I got inspired the other week and wrote this little piece on my Tumblr about the importance of sharing your love instead of depending on a singular love with another person. There's so much love out there; it's all about how you feel it and how you share it with the people in your life. I've found people have started looking at me and thinking things like 'inspirational' and 'accomplished'... in fact, everything I've seen and done in the past year has only just humbled me to how small my thoughts are compared to such majestic views and wonderful personalities I've experienced. I've learned to start really looking after myself and love myself, because that's where it starts for everyone; themselves. It's taken me such a long time to be comfortable with being in my own skin, and I've finally found it.

So if that's inspirational... then so be it. I'll take your word for it.

I'll just be over here reading my book.

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