Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feeling like a young lass.

The fact that this was taken on a tram means something a little bit more to me. Other than the fact that is a decent picture of me smiling for once! This was taken on the way to a cousin's 21st party at an Irish pub; the friend who took this picture and came with got to meet much of my family.

It was quite a night that involved us dancing on an otherwise deserted dance floor, somehow breaking a wine glass by its stem by simply putting it down on a table - causing the bowl of the glass to flop on the table unsupported, and somehow managing to cover an unfortunate cousin of mine with the contents of an unattended glass of red. It also involved me ranting about waitressing and writing, as well as hearing about other family members and their own happenings.

I'm glad to find that I'm keeping to my promise to myself, of getting out more, socialising, and just generally having fun.

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