Monday, August 20, 2012


So all I've really been doing lately is going through homework. I've only just yesterday found a new spark of inspiration to keep going through.

Also I've been doing more lady like things like shoes and make up.

I've been diving into Torchwood, and my favourite character would have to be Ianto. I've loved how his role has slowly expanded from being the tea boy to his being included in field work. Also his buying a wedding dress for Gwen in 'Something Borrowed'. As I saw that first scene I laughed at the idea; then the actual scene popped up and I was a happy fangirl.

My hard drive has been corrupted; I'm the trembling survivor of a formatted hard drive. About a year or so of files and data... gone. Even my computer techy cousin Andrew couldn't recover any files. Thankfully the hard drive was for archival purposes; anything recent I've been working on was not lost.

Of course the fangirl in me is reacting something like:

because I've lost all these TV shows. But then I think, oh well. I just remember one little thing.

This post is awfully Tumblr-like too.

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