Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maybe we'll fly the night away...girl...

Did you miss me?

I've started Torchwood. I think the thing that will stick with me was when I got my complete boxed set in the mail. It brightened my day, it was well packaged, and it was timely! I'm still waiting on something else to come and it's been about a week already.

Ed Sheeran this weekend! I'm very excited. You have no idea.

My TV Studio Production class is currently working on the minor project...presenting the news! I've since found a role and feel a little more like I know what I'm doing. Plus thinking of bogus news is kind of fun.

This made me absolutely fangirl.

And yeah, I've been living really. Essays. Blogging (academically, mainly). I've actually gotten quite a bit of good feedback - and I think it's something to do with my established confidence in the blogging universe.

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