Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Travelling and pre-birthday thoughts.

So back from Stockholm... what next, you ask?

Well I have about three weeks back in Örebro (hey, I do have class!), with my birthday on the 9th. It's the big 21st birthday, and I think about all the things I've done in the past few months before turning 21 than a lot of people only end up achieving after such a milestone... if at all. Phuket, Stockholm, Barcelona, Lapland and Paris! I'm sad I won't be with my family for my birthday (think of the embarrassing speech potential!), but I'm simultaneously happy to spend it with so many new friends from all over the globe.

April 22nd-24th is the ESN Sea Battle, which leaves from Stockholm to Tallinn and back again.

Then May 3rd-8th (I coincidentally finish classes on the 3rd) is a trip booked to a certain place called London, England. I'll be staying with relatives and I really do want to squeeze in Cardiff for photos (I've seen the whole Torchwood series, how can I not go?). The way it was booked I end up overnight in Stockholm coming back, but not really objecting.

May 14th-19th will be a trip to Malta! It's far enough south to hopefully be warm for the beach. As the Australian, a beach is something I'm familiar with.

Then May 24th-31st is the Balalaika and Vodka Tour. A ferry from Stockholm, goes from Tallinn, to Helsinki, to St Petersburg and back again. A great way to explore three different countries, I don't think I'll mind going back to Tallinn again.


So in May I'll be in FIVE different countries. Holy crap, that's awesome! I'm definitely making the most of my exchange here in Örebro, and I absolutely can't wait.

I've been missing home a little bit, listening to Pete Murray and aware of Anzac Day coming up. This means Anzac biscuits!

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