Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

So I'm sitting in my room in Mildura, with a 38 degree Celsius max. temperature prediction today, about to go to a friend's house for pre-Christmas hang. And even though I feel so torn in different directions, I've come to realise that I would prefer it that way. At least compared to a solitary Christmas. Because I've never been satisfied with pure isolation.

I'm just grateful that I'll be seeing a variety of people over the next week or so. At least I have that variety and freedom, as compared to others.

And don't forget that it's always a lot worse than you think. There are others less fortunate who have no control over their financial situation and have a much less extravagant Christmas. Some won't even have enough food, let alone unsatisfactory presents worth standing in the returns line for on Boxing Day. Please think of others and donate if you can.

I'll be having a country Christmas, fulfilling tradition of watching I'll Be Home For Christmas on Christmas Eve with my sister, as well as watching the carols. I guess this film has a little more significance for me this year - college kid reluctantly returning to his family for Christmas. Although I would never have those kinds of crazy catastrophes on the way.

I won't say happy holidays, because being here in Australia for me, it almost feels like an ignorant northern hemisphere phrase. Merry Christmas will do.

I hope you all have a safe Christmas.

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