Saturday, December 17, 2011

To achieve in my lifetime...

Melbourne at night. Simply amazing. I love you. 

Have my own car
Meet a 667er
Meet Misha Collins
Get a horse drawn carriage ride
Have a song dedicated to me
Get my probationary driver's license before I'm twenty-two
Feel like I belong in my family
Buy a city apartment in Melbourne (and outright!)
Buy my mum a house
Travel overseas at least once
Travel to these places:
  • Paris/Versailles
  • NYC
  • Cyprus
  • California
  • Rome
  • Dublin
  • London
Speaking of which, get a passport!
Not move house for at least two years
See Coldplay live
See a band or singer other than Coldplay live
Have a huge bookshelf to fit ALL my books, movies and television shows
Live with awesome roommates 
Ride a tram just for fun, not to actually go someplace!
My prince charming composing a song with me in mind (cheesy, but...I need a Disney moment at some point)
Pay off my student debt
Get in the film industry somehow (Even if it's just holding a boom mike. I'll be happy)
Love unconditionally...and have it reciprocated
Own a pair of knee high black and white striped socks
Win once at NaNoWriMo
Get at least one book published
Learn French
Hear a piece of music that makes my heart break, and complete it simultaneously. 

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