Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sin City!

My goodness, why hadn't I seen this film sooner? It's a visually stunning piece.

I knew about two minutes in that it was going to be a visual treat for me, in addition to the storyline. It's films like this that keep my analytic mind in check. Vegetation is not an option for me, even with this five month break I'm three months into. 

This was also the second instance of renting instead of buying a film or television series, then watching it and wishing that I had bought it. 

The first instance was the complete series of Firefly. I just want to watch the opening titles every time. Are there any shows that you just leave the opening credits going because they're that awesome? It depends if I'm having a marathon of the show or what; but for me there's Dexter, NCIS, True Blood (the latter when it returns for a new season and you're just bursting with excitement all over again) and The Slap, which is simply a clear plate breaking in slow motion.

The DVD menu for Sin City is quite hypnotic; I think I sat there watching it for a couple of minutes before I had actually started watching it. 

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