Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Give me the hope to run out of steam.

So I handed in my application for study exchange today. I know, fireworks!

As I looked at the application, handing it over; my faculty-approved list of subjects, the touching testimonies from other people about me, my personal statement about how much I want to go, my excellent score, and my awful passport photo affixed on the front. I realised that I am, I really am, going to get this.

Thank goodness I have my passport, because if I get accepted, a whole lot of paperwork is coming my way.

But hey, it'll all be worth it. I would rather concentrate on experiencing one of these places:


rather than concentrate on this.

It feels like I've finally taken life by the throat and said, "You're going to let me get what I want. Because I am a nice person and I consider everyone else before me. Now it's my turn."

Then I have this huge smile and say thank you and let go. Because that's what ladies are supposed to do.

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