Friday, December 28, 2012

Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year...

So I'm back in Melbourne on this (weather wise, admittedly gloomy) Friday morning, at my aunty's house. Rob's making bacon and eggs as I type, and it's been so long since I've smelled fried bacon. I have the day off work and I'm looking forward to spending it, as I see fit; with others.

Christmas and Boxing Day in Mildura was more or less uneventful and quiet. Cats in empty boxes, food comas, the whole lot. I didn't feel like buying anything at all, and I'd browsed in the afternoon when it was less crazy. Consumerism: at its best... or worst?

Sweden seems all the more closer now that Christmas is over. My mother and I found a decent winter jacket before I hopped on my flight back to Melbourne yesterday noon. Nice colour, and a decent fit considering the layers I will be wearing. My apartment is a little more empty than before and it's getting quite exciting now.

New Years' Eve is chugging closer and I can't think of a better mindset to end the year in. I'm happy, I have people who I can respect and love mutually, and I have loads to look forward to once the clock strikes midnight on this year that has been 2012.

New Years' resolution? Well I guess it would be the usual, the same as the previous two years. Be the best that I can be, and be happy with what I have.

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