Sunday, July 3, 2011

You gotta love turbulence.

So I had a parent tell me that my brain activity is on such a higher level, I don't have to concentrate on mundane things such as keeping my balance and equilibrium.

...I like this kind of thinking!

I'm back in Melbourne, and I enjoyed catching up with some people from high school that I would not have otherwise seen. The flight back had quite a bit of turbulence before landing, which was okay but not ideal.

I have work later on in the week, and I've just recently gotten into The Big Bang Theory. As well as True Blood returning for S4 last week! Since reading the novel series, I'm able to appreciate the show coming up with new story lines for the supporting characters of the show (as presented in third person); as opposed to the single story line, first person point of view presented in the novels themselves.

How amazing is this promo poster?!
...okay, I'll be honest for a minute.
There's times when I'm so secure about things that I'm positively glowing. I'm just bursting with happiness and I think life can't get much better. I'm living for myself, in a city I love, studying intriguing media theory with the support of a part time job.

...and then there's times where I'm just...I think the appropriate word is...
Of the future, the truth, myself.
For others' well being.
Whether I'm doing the right thing for myself and others.
Of being alone again.
Of my subconsciousness.

But maybe I have to acknowledge this feeling.
Hiding from it only made things worse.
Maybe I have to break free of this sick cycle carousel.

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  1. I believe everyone feels that at some point in each day, unsure whether to feel amazing about themselves, or lost about everything.
    I also believe, that that song, is one of hte most amazing of our time :)