Wednesday, June 29, 2011

But this is how the story ends.

Just hanging by a moment here with you.
What with all the craziness going on with work and family, I neglected to mention that I'll be in Mildura for a week. I've been here for a couple of days and I know that this place was a mere purgatory, my waiting room until I could be ready for something better.
So coming back here...well...

Catching up with friends is pretty much the highlight of the week. And the flight here was fine, I'm growing to like flying. Especially on my own, there's a certain something about hanging around Melbourne Airport solo.

...although it would be nice if people were there too. I'm not going to embrace isolation entirely.

These sound awesome! Maybe I'll have a go at it if I get unlimited access to a bar or something.
...and then on a crazy whim, I searched and found this. My, oh my.

Anyway, have a good week

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