Monday, February 11, 2013

Crazy catastrophes, now with more svenska!

So a Swedish family live in Perth for a year and end up contacting the university looking for Aussie students to come hang out and talk.  The fact that they're being mentioned to you right now tells you the result.

They were very friendly and open, and this kind of opportunity usually doesn't come up for an exchange student. I've loved the nightlife (and the HUGE tequila shots), but sometimes I want to see the real Sweden. And this is definitely a gateway.

Daughters Klara and Moa, aged 9 and 7, are quite entertaining and open. Their mother and father are also quite entertaining with their stories about Perth and what they like and dislike about both countries. There was a lot of English thrown around, and the girls were especially encouraged to learn. We had pulled pork and vegetables, with a lovely berry pie to follow with ice cream (and some sort of vanilla flavoured whipped cream), and then these lovely ladies were encouraged by my reactions and dressed up to perform Gangnam Style.

I'll definitely be coming back, and they definitely want me back!

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