Sunday, February 3, 2013

Swedish catastrophes.

Due to a crazy set of circumstances (which could only happen to me, it seems), I've been locked out of my room. I'm also without my camera, winter coat and mobile phone. Long story short, it involves a night out, coat check, a lost ticket and the venue not being open today to retrieve my belongings. But no stress! It'll be open tomorrow, and I'll hopefully try getting it all back then.

So I'm homeless for a day.

Bright side, I'll be able to sympathise more with those who are full time homeless. Scared, alone, and wondering where to sleep at night. I'm just incredibly lucky that I've made a circle of wonderful friends who are willing to share their rooms, their clothes, their bus money, their humour... their help.

I'm going to go see Gangster Squad tonight with a wonderful group (Swedish subtitles included!) and hopefully see how the movie theatre experience compares with my own back in Oz. It seems promising. It's great to give my liver a break tonight and take things easy. Foreign rituals these friends partake in, such as beer pong and the Superbowl, are slowly becoming normal -- and it turns out I'm a decent shot at beer pong.

I'll look back on this day and undoubtedly laugh --well I'm kind of laughing at the moment.

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