Monday, February 4, 2013

Two weeks later...

The stairs at my temporary apartment. Deadly.
So I'm back in my room. Clean clothes, food and my own bed have made me appreciate things and I'm looking at things a little differently. Right now I'm thinking about homework after a quick walk around campus. It's snowing a little today, a little windy and very idyllic. A quick cup of coffee, getting toasty warm inside, and then walking back outside; the resulting sensation is almost sinful, and fairly addictive.

What with all the North Americans I've been hanging around, my reaction to snow has been labelled as 'cute'; but again it's perspectives that you have to keep in mind. Two weeks of this weather and I'm still loving life! I was always searching for such pictures to accompany this blog; now I have enough of my own to last for two years at least.

I still keep getting the typical 'why did you leave during your summer?!' question, but as I keep telling people, I'm probably the least Australian person they'll meet. I love winter and hot beverages. I recoil from hot weather, and Vegemite is terrible in my opinion.

We're thinking of a few trips here and there. We have Barcelona booked for next week, and Copenhagen is being tossed around for this week. I'm looking at the places on my bucket list and everything on my Europe list looks fair game at the moment; and even more possibilities keep popping up. Amsterdam? Vienna? Berlin? At this point I don't care where I'm going, I'm up for (nearly) anywhere. It's all so much closer than Australia, so who am I to pass things up?

There's been a lot of clubbing involved and I'm kind of glad for my time in Mildura - it developed the liking for clubbing, I think. The music seems to almost be the same, and yet it's seeping into my subconscious, associating it with good times and friends. We're mastering the basic things. Laundry. Rubbish. Transport. Groceries. Fika.

Sometimes I miss Australia... but then I remember where I am and that it won't last for long.
So make the most of it.

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