Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I lost my mind long ago, down the yellow brick road.

Facebook relationship statuses are so overrated.

No, really. I mean, if I were to set it to 'In A Relationship' right this minute, I guarantee you that people will jump on it like a freaking trampoline. Other people making that kind of thing their business, when it really isn't. This unhealthy obsession with other people's personal lives, this... voyeurism. Lack of privacy. It's just plain ridiculous. Not to mention, attention seeking. Anyone who wants that kind of attention over something not too serious, well... I won't incriminate me and you, reading this, with my opinion.

As you may be able to gather from this, I have removed my relationship status option all together from my Facebook. Not really my style, anyway. Do things really need labelling?

So I'm plowing through the essay and nearing the finish line.
...Edward Scissorhands, I will destroy you.
...well no, not really.

This I just LOVE, by the way. Credit on the picture.
This week's film was Fist of Fury.
Um, what to say about Fist of Fury?
...well, watch, if you've never heard of it. Bruce Lee? Action? Then yes.

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