Monday, May 16, 2011

The way you make me feel...

Why not?! Shame. Because I love me.
What, I can't express how much I love me?

So I spend my days alternating between activities like:
  • Tracking down awesome songs from my youth or having heard them randomly somewhere.
  • Writing essays/presentation speeches.
  • Eating junk food... but only during the weekly film. Or absentmindedly while essay writing.
  • Deviantart scanning.
  • scanning of pretty much most music I listen to that is lyrically intriguing.
  • Playlist sharing!
  • Catching up with friends.
  • Trying to put a dent in my pile of unread novels!
  • Food shopping. There's a certain something, perhaps a loss of innocence, strolling through supermarket aisles by yourself.

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