Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random creative writing idea.

He stared, as though in a hypnotic trance, down at her empty bed.

The wrinkled, colourful sheets, which twisted around her as she lay.

The smooth, clean pillow, which had caressed her cheek as she dreamed.

The frayed mattress, which had supported her weight for nineteen years - and still continued to do so.

He perched on the bed slowly and laid down on it, his head brushing the pillow.

Bending sideways to smell the pillow, what felt like hundreds of adjectives to describe it bombarded his mind.

Floral. Spiced. Musky. Light. Crisp.

He closed his eyes. was intoxicating.

She was intoxicating.

He could just breathe her scent, her perfume, for what felt like a lifetime.

Small, hesitant footsteps made his eyes snap open. He'd been caught in her room - lying on her bed - with no plausible explanation.

He instantly jumped into a sitting position, only to find she was just a couple of feet away.

"Hi," she whispered, and a small smile inched slowly across her lips.

It was the smile that told him that he needn't have to worry about his presence in her room. His pulse picked up at the sight of it. The smile that he saw when she saw him. The one that choked up so much unexpected emotion about her.

"Hi," he breathed back.

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