Monday, June 20, 2011

We're marchin' on.

So the exact moment when I start feeling a little more confident about my job, a certain song starts playing in the restaurant that makes me stop in my tracks.

Bette Davis Eyes.

This has to be some sort of sign.

Regulars may remember my fascination with achieving Bette Davis Eyes status. Hearing the song tonight has made me wonder; have I achieved Bette Davis Eyes status? Or if not entirely, in the right direction at least?

Music video of the week: Marchin' On/Harry Potter. The editing is amazing, they've incorporated the song's beat into the visual cutting, so the overall rhythm of the clip is perfect. I wonder how they manipulated the footage to be a little faded and yet even more visually striking?

There'll be a review of Lauren Kate's Passion coming up soon.

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