Friday, July 13, 2012

My most played.

So I figured this would be fun. Looking at the most played songs in my iTunes and comment on why they probably so.
  1. Sunburn - Muse.
    This song was the first Muse song I heard when I voyaged through their discography - and it's an obvious favourite. The energy it projects ( ♪ she BURRRRRRRNNNS like the SUUUUUUNN ♪ ) is something that's stuck with me, even when listening to their more recent music.

  2. Unintended/Uno/Sober/Escape/Overdue - Muse.
    Each of these songs is amazing in itself, but their order on the album listing conveys a passion and emotional rollercoaster. Escape in itself has always resonated powerfully with me, as somebody with abandonment issues and used to being overlooked. ( ♪ WHYYYYYYY can't you just LOOOOOOOVE HER...and WHYYYYYYY be such a MONNNNNNNSTEEEEEERR.  ♪ )

  3. Bodies, Don't Wait and Northbound - The Duke Spirit.
    I came across this band quite by accident, their song Villain was playing in a store and it was quite catchy. These three songs; while their lyrics can be admittedly repetitive, they were also quite catchy.

  4. Falling Down, Cave - Muse.
    The latter song is a favourite one of my friend Sam. Like I've mentioned above, their passion was easier conveyed to me and more memorable. Mind you, Muse are still awesome, and they've slowed down on the passion and gotten more comfortable. They've gotten older. It's a good and bad thing.

  5. Say When - The Fray.
    My attachment to this song is deeply personal. Let's just say that I imagine that this song speaks of the most unspeakable thing I've done.

  6. Close To Me (Remix) - The Cure.
    This song is probably my favourite from The Cure; it communicates that tension that's present in anticipation of 'performing'. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

  7. Falling Down - Scarlett Johansson.
    Originally by Tom Waits, this song means losing faith in somebody you once worshipped. Discovering they have feet of clay.
There's plenty more, but I can't sit and explain all of them now, can I?

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