Thursday, October 11, 2012

And I will love you, until you learn, to love yourself...

Guess what guys? I've finished uni for the year.
So you'll probably hear more from me.

I've also started Bleach (the anime). I'm not usually one for anime, but it's something different. Plus there's only so many television shows I can watch before I start picking at the clich├ęs; seductive teacher, bug person, dead person, witch person, etc etc etc.

Once I got over the whole YES THIS IS AN ANIME vibe it threw in my face, it had that weird charm of being charming. Like Doctor Who did. I'm going to have to keep watching Bleach, aren't I?

I've also watched RENT and I like it a lot! It reminds me of year 12 Lit, especially this number.

I'll definitely be Buffy/Angel this summer as well, I only just today bought the Angel boxed set.

I also have this song in my head. While it has the most appalling ulterior motive ever (girls willing to start ripping off their clothes for him) I'm learning to love myself. (Well I'm not like this: *annoying fangirl teenager* Like OMG that song was, like, soooooooo written for me, like yeah). So I don't really care. It's a feel good. 



The weather, while being very temperamental lately, is getting a little warmer. I rugged up real good today, and I realised I wouldn't mind doing it on a regular basis.

I might have some news in the next couple of days, I might not. No idea.

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