Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm from the future, go to China.

I was officially accepted today. This, of course, sets a bunch of things in motion; flight bookings, residency permit applications, new passport photos etc. Thank goodness I already have a passport or I would have just given up.

I'm still reeling from the course of events that motivated me to apply to go in the first place. And I did so under the impression that being accepted was unlikely. But here we are. Somebody over there thinks I'm brilliant and want me over there.

My long distance walking is going well. A highlight was stopping at McDonald's for a bite during my walk (in my exercise clothes, I might add), acknowledging to the girl serving me that "[it] is just funny" and prompting a giggle out of her.

I saw Looper with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed it. You know a film is good if you personally enjoyed it - and the critics agree. It played fantastically with the rules of time travel, and let's just say Joseph Gordon-Levitt got me excited to see it beforehand.


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