Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thinking to myself, hey isn't this easy?

Awwww. ♥
So when you're inspired by things like this and living like you've been exalted a million times; well, let's just say that the world is too amazing.

...well, I know I can be paranoid.
And obsessive.
And regretful (about a certain Irish guy, but nothing that can be done about that now).
...I lied once and was resented by only one person by it. And they're not angry I lied, they're angry that they believed me.
But I'm working past it all.
I even use my stalker skills for the good side now.

Gotten fascinated with achieving "Bette Davis Eyes" status. And I know there's somebody out there that's just read this and choked on their coffee; but really, I think it's about time.

The film we watched was A Bout de Souffle. The jump cuts were something to be admired.

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