Monday, April 25, 2011

Can you feel all the love... like it was made for you.

Bright Star

So I just love this feeling. That I know what and who makes me happy - genuinely happy, not the briefest, material happiness that left a hollowed, apparently infinite emptiness I used to feel for such a long stretch of time.

And that I'm at finally able to feel this way - and give back, as much as I can. As well as the potential of experiencing beautiful moments that I used to daydream about that is perfectly conveyed in the gif above and this.

Easter was fun. I've caught up with friends, danced like a stunned monkey in a spotlight, listened to different music like my iTunes has been stuck on shuffle and had enough roast lamb to burst. It's so strange to be sitting in my old shoebox and remember it in its claustrophobic state. Plus, I'm getting better at flying, apparently. My first time flying was fairly disastrous and humiliating.

I hope you all had a safe and happy easter.

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