Thursday, April 28, 2011

Which super power would I want?

...I was invisible for years. I don't think I'll take invisibility.

I'm usually fairly punctual, I don't need the super speed or teleportation.

Telekinesis is laziness.

Telepathy can be too easily misused.

Shapeshifting? Pretending to be somebody else? How on earth could that be beneficial? You'd have personality problems and you'd be a little messed up. Pretending to be others is the easiest way to lose sight of yourself.

Flight? Fairly limiting. And the fun would wear off after a bit.

Super intelligence? Maybe, but you'd become some sort of filing cabinet of information. People will forget you're human and abuse it.

Super strength? Because I feel the need to lift and damage random people's cars? No thank you.

...I would want to be able to heal others. End suffering, all kinds of suffering, physical and mental. There's so much hurt out there and I want to be able to do something about it.

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