Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm on a horse.

...intense, yes?

Yesterday I hung with the housemates! Went to Chadstone and we pretty much stayed up late talking about random stuff. Fun.

Treated myself to a little date in the CBD today to celebrate the end of the week.
Aside from Dymocks and a 7-11 slushie, saw these guys in Swanston Street. They seemed nice.

Up until now, I shopped at Coles with a cloth bag - from Woolworths. Aww yeah, totally badass.

While shopping, I tilted a pack of raspberries to see the bottom, unsure of whether they were worthy of my purchasing. Some juice leaked out and splattered over my left wrist. If you weren't looking carefully enough, it'd appear that it looked a bit suicidal.

I took that as a sign and bought them.

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