Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I hope it's gonna make you notice... someone like me...

This might be how I feel right now. And somehow combine it with this.
And I also heart this.
I'll remember not to post on Monday mornings, you don't need to read that.

A quick snack/lunch? Sauteed mushrooms with fresh cucumber and capsicum in a little bowl. Yum. One of those good, unexpected surprise results from crazy whims of mine.

...what is this feeling? Could it be... insanity?!

Sleepy Hollow stood out to me in the student film presentations, so I went away and watched it. It's greater than a 'meh', but doesn't quite reach that 'stupendous' rating from me. In short, watch if you like Johnny Depp/Tim Burton directing/Colleen Atwood costumes.

I also watched Little Miss Sunshine for class. Sunshine gets a 'stupendous' from me. If there's ever a film about family dysfunction, it's this one. WATCH IT.

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