Thursday, April 14, 2011

And I can think of a thousand reasons why I don't believe in you, I'm not yours any more...

So here. You guys get to have a video version of my usual teaser.
As a thank you for stalking my blog.
And because media/film students are supposed to do this sort of thing.
...well, I have no idea. I've done it, anyway. Appreciate?

"The Power of..." by The Pierces was used. I'm happy to say that I found these girls through something other than Gossip Girl. Geez, other things exist. I'm no watcher of Gossip Girl and I don't plan to.

And my normal photo version one would be something like this.

The lighting's meh.

As you can see, I have had a headphones upgrade. My last ones were cheap and plastic and broken, both physically and wire-wise. You know, when you have to arrange the connecting wires so you can hear properly? Tends to happen to all listening aid devices with age? I hope you know what I mean?

Anyway, the sound through these is INCREDIBLE.

So I went to the CBD today.
A store guy called me "miss" today. I wish I knew how to feel about that.
...oh wait, it was added to the end of every sentence. I guess annoyance, then.
I did get some reading done on the tram, which is a relief to get done before the weekend. Something I'm also hoping to get done (or start) before the weekend is my presentation/analysis on a film scene of my choice.

...Amélie, anyone?

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