Friday, November 23, 2012

Catch me in your sleep...

...I'll be leaving the heartbreak hotel.

Absolutely stunning.
Even the unlikeliest of people band together in times of great distress., seriously. I could be understood as being dramatic, but we're all feeling much better about a mutual event. As a collective. Sometimes the collective can recover together by remembering common interests.

So I've been listening to The Temper Trap recently (as well as a few miscellaneously recommended tracks from friends), and I've found these guys to perfectly slot into this part of my life. Especially the I'm Gonna Wait/Leaving Heartbreak Hotel pairing at the end of the self-titled album. The songs are feel original and fresh (even though they're probably not, for all I know).


So what else is new? More Swedish organising. I've talked to my bank and the main paperwork is organised. Now it's more about making things comfortable, safe and healthy for me; doctor's appointments, vaccinations, loans, copying such important paperwork, clothing, research, the list goes on. 

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