Friday, November 9, 2012

Your true emancipation is a fantasy.

Credit: Ola Ericson/
So things are truly happening that are all things Swedish. Plane tickets were bought Monday, and my residency permit decision was communicated to me Wednesday (a resounding yes, as you can surmise). My grades from last trimester, released yesterday, also more than satisfied the academic average I needed to participate in the exchange program. All that needs to happen now is to organise some slightly minor paperwork and to establish a basic Swedish language use.

The Lush Christmas catalogue arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and I've had a fabulous time looking at the Christmas-y products and gift boxes they have available this year. Right now the Snow Fairy gift box looks quite enchanting and the Festive Fiesta shower tin sounds quite exciting. Of course, this is mere window shopping.

I think back to who I was before I started waitressing, and I marvel. I was a socially anxious, little mouse who had things happening and had no idea how to use that to her advantage. Waitressing has given me more confidence in talking to strangers, and confidence in myself. I'm also much more open to try new things, and I've developed an inner strength that is beginning to shine.

Appreciating the beauty of life has not of yet escaped me, considering all this change that's happened to me. Sometimes it takes a person of mouse-like personality to truly observe and understand the world - before diving in head first and trusting everything will be fine.


I hope you're doing well.

COLDPLAY is also happening on Tuesday. You have no idea how excited I am.

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