Saturday, November 17, 2012

Long overdue Coldplay update.

So I realise this is something like, four days late. Whoops.

Okay. So Etihad itself were good sports about the event. We got the glowing wristbands after entering the venue and I had fangirled and bought this t-shirt at a merch branch. And we cloaked.

We were about this much away from the stage.

The Pierces started the opening sets. I knew these ladies and it was their first time in Australia. Everyone sung along to 'Secret'. The Temper Trap started their set with 'it's good to be home', before launching into their incredible set. I think I'll be buying their albums quite soon.

We were then left to wait for how long, maybe 45 minutes, until it had gotten completely dark. 

Coldplay launched straight into it with their Back to the Future theme (I am such a fangirl) before Mylo Xyloto and Hurts Like Heaven. Complete with pyrotechnics, lasers, fireworks. In My Place followed next, with confetti cannons going off all around and everyone Area Standing had their hands to the sky as it twirled with confetti.

Some bouncy balls came next with Lovers In Japan. 
And the light show was amazing to be amongst. wristband didn't work during the show, which was quite disappointing. But I didn't let that stop me appreciating that I was THERE.

My companion Kat was a great choice; she was an experienced mosher and she'd maneuvered us through the crowd to almost be at the front of Area Standing B. She was such a pleasure. Thank you.

They snuck up the back and did a B stage, with Speed of Sound. Then came back up to finish with three more songs, concluding with more fireworks with Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.

I saw Chris Martin a couple of times in person, but it was mostly via screen. I'm too short for mosh.


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