Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween...

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So I'm on the road to recovery.

This road also happened to include Halloween just past. I dressed up for Halloween for the first time in my twenty year life span. Making the costume itself turned out to be loads of fun as well; making FAKE BLOOD and throwing it on some old clothes proved a healthy expression of my insanity. I should really throw paint at a canvas sometime soon.

Blood covered at Flinders Street Station? Check.

I was very pleased with my judgment of colour
and hitting the precise shade I wanted.

My friend Sam and I went to Cinema Nova's MonsterFest Opening Night. The ABCs of Death was shown: 26 directors, all given a letter of the alphabet with a way to die in mind, and otherwise complete creative control. 26 shorts, each lasting a few minutes, all combined into one film, almost like a little film festival of horror.

Melbourne love.
There were people in costume and mine was one of five finalists (the winner was somewhat well deserved, in my opinion). There was also representatives from, and the zombie they had brought along was gaping at my costume. I was terrified he was thinking of me being wife material. One fellow film enthusiast asked if I was Carrie (Stephen King obviously), and I guess I had been subconsciously channelling her, now that I think about it properly. A more restrained version, perhaps. with less telepathy!

...there are less than TWO weeks until Coldplay.

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