Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thinking about the year.

So. This was 2012.
...this kind of post is about a month premature, I know. But closure!

This year for me... I just can't explain it. There's been so many ups and downs. I've been lied to - and I've done some lying myself. I switched my job location, and been much happier for it. I failed a class.  I did well in so many others. I've made more friends; I've also lost a couple. I met Julie Benz, Sean Maher and Fran Kranz all in the one day. I shared wedges with university friends on campus every Tuesday for a whole trimester. I saw Ed Sheeran and Coldplay within three months of each other. I rode a tram with a friend with absolutely no idea where we were going (something on my bucket list). Some guy tried to stick his tongue down my throat and I said no; the self-respect for myself has expanded beyond my knowledge. 

I've loved. I've lost. I've laughed. I've cried.
I've been jealous. I've been happy. I've been used.
And I've been living.

The events of this year led me to be accepted for overseas study exchange for a trimester next year. I'm absolutely terrified, and absolutely excited.

I have so much to be thankful for.

I wanted to leave, but the world wouldn't let me go. There's just too much out there for me to experience - why back out now?

I want to thank people who have not only stayed; they've stayed faithful to me.

And I want to thank you for reading this; regardless of you following my blog for three years, or if you're a recent addition to the fold. Thank you.

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