Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey, hey, we are a hurricane. know what? Hot cross buns with cream cheese is better than you think it would be.

So my weekend ended with a whole but heavy heart. Not quite broken... not quite perfect, either. And I realised I was being a little selfish to some people. Forcibly inserting myself into somebody's life (as is the case with asking somebody to forcibly insert something anything...) is never a good thing. It causes things to get a little strained, even though you want things to work out so badly that it physically hurts. Some things just weren't meant to work out.

In other words, imagine the person that you love the most.
Go on, close your eyes and visualise them right in front of you., I dare you not to love them. Go on, try it.

Exactly. You can't.
...I do like this visual representation though.
And I haven't forgotten the people that I've let walk all over me for far too long for reasons I can't quite comprehend. All I'll say about that is... watch out.

Note to self: shop more often during the week. Annoying to have to buy a second cloth bag and lug everything by tram/walking.

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